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Giving Back to Move Lives Forward


Founded in 2013 in Houston, Texas, the Indus Cares Foundation is a is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting advances in medical care, health and wellness education, and literacy for under-served children in the Houston community. Affiliated with Indus Management Group and Indus Communities, the foundation’s work is centered on its 38 apartment communities mainly located in the 77036 and 77081 zip codes of Houston. With a focus on helping, all funds go to our programs, not expenses. In many cases, the people we serve have left their place of birth, the culture, their job and their family. We understand the challenges involved in building a new life in America, because we have experienced that ourselves as Our Story explains.


Our Story

The story of the Indus Cares Foundation is tied to the personal journey of Mr. Ajay Gupta, An immigrant to the United States, his strong belief in the power of education and passion for community building coincided in the creation and aims of the Foundation. Mr. Gupta’s values came from his parents and were fundamental in his upbringing in India. Many of those served by the Foundation are on the same journey he was on nearly 35 years ago. Mr. Gupta considers himself fortunate for the support he received from relatives and his surrounding community stating, “I came here with almost nothing. I’ll always have a grateful heart towards America for the life it has provided for my family.” His strong belief in the power of education and passion for community building coincided in the creation of the Indus Cares Foundation.


Ajay Gupta

Founder & CEO

Our Team


Avani Narang

Executive Director


Felicia Flores

Program Manager

Our Partners 

Indus Cares Foundation partners with a number of local organizations to enhance the circumstances of families living at Indus communities.


“Anything can be done if you want to do it”

Alka Gupta

Co-Founder, Indus Cares Foundation

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