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What We Do

Helping with Open Hearts

The Indus Cares Foundation is involved in year-round community outreach programs that touch almost every aspect of life. From health and educational literacy to meal programs and medical assistance, we have organized and funded programs and events and more that have benefitted hundreds of families. And, as part of our ongoing mission to educate and support the City of Houston’s efforts around COVID-19 safety and assistance we have helped provide free COVID-19 tests.


Supporting Children One  Program at a Time

Our free academic programs and on-site libraries in our community centers inspire and engage children in planned activities such as reading and writing, science, mathematics, computer skill development, and art to increase children’s engagement and academic achievement. Our foundation’s annual backpack event year-over-year has always been looked upon with glee as residents know their children will receive a brand-new backpack and school supplies.

In addition, we have donated over $100K in scholarships to full-time employees and their children over the last two years to support their education, graduate studies, and/or extracurricular activities.

Our Educational programs and activities include:
  • ESL classes for adults

  • Reading classes for children

  • Preschool activities

  • Book Clubs

  • After school programs

  • Computer literacy classes

  • Read by Five program

  • Playgrounds where children can play and exercise

  • Early child development programs

Our Health Services programs include:
  • Weekly Health and Dental Screenings

  • Flu shots and vaccines

  • Covid-19 testing provided by the City of Houston

  • Health education classes for refuges

  • Medical relief packages to Harris County community families

Our Meal Support includes:
  • Senior Box Meal Program

  • Children Box Meal Program

  • Fresh produce distribution: Weekly distribution of pallets of fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income families in 28 Houston locations

  • Meals on Wheels with YMCA

“We help children to thrive and grow beautifully in all aspects of life”

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